Donating Artifact Items to the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum’s Collection

The Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum welcomes and accepts artifact donations that relate directly to its mission. This policy is outlined under our Summary of the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum Purpose and Specifics Regarding Artifact Acceptance Criteria. Interested donors are encouraged to contact appropriate collections staff to discuss their items proposed for donation to the Museum’s permanent collection. Upon initial assessment, Collections staff will indicate whether there is an interest to receive the items offered for donation. Questions concerning donations and the donation process should be directed to the Accessions Manager or in the absence of the Accession Manager an Accessions Staff Member.

Unfortunately, the museum receives many requests for donations and cannot accept all items offered. Reasons for not accepting a donation include relevance to mission, duplication of existing items in collection, physical space constraints, provenance or condition. Please see our Acceptance Criteria policy below.

An appointment with the Collection’s staff must be made to drop off and transfer donations to the Museum’s custody. All donors MUST make an appointment with Collections staff PRIOR to dropping off materials. The Collections staff will assess suitability of the proposed items for the museum’s collection during the appointment.

Once the item(s) are accepted and have been received, staff performs a basic inventory and the standard Deed of Gift and In-Kind Donation forms are filled out (including basic contact information) and reviewed by the donor for signature. Staff will provide a copy of the Deed of Gift and In-Kind Donation forms to the donor upon request. As part of the museum’s community outreach policy, a thank you letter is sent to the donor for each set of items accepted for donation.

Appraisals and Value

Donations to the Museum are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law. A formal appraisal of a donation is the responsibility of the donor because the IRS does not permit the receiving institution to appraise donated objects and the Museum staff cannot offer tax advice. It is the responsibility of donors to confer with their tax advisors regarding the tax benefits, details, and implications of donations. Once accepted and properly assessed, donated items become part of the Museum’s permanent collection and are treated accordingly.

Who to Contact

Questions concerning donations, the donation process, or if you would like to make an appointment please contact the Accessions Manager or an Accessions staff member at (360) 240-9500 or email the Accessions Team at Someone will return your call or email.

Summary of the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum Purpose and
Specifics Regarding Artifact Acceptance Criteria

Purpose: The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum collection is to preserve and hold in public trust a record of the local and regional heritage of the PBY aircraft and other aircraft flown from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) through the acquisition of material items related to the PBY aircraft and other naval aircraft flown from NASWI. For the purposes of this policy, the word “items” will include museum objects, physical artifacts, library and archival materials and oral or written histories.

Acceptance Criteria:
Items are accepted on the basis of –

  • Being representative of naval aviation history in general.
  • Naval seaplane history as it pertains to NASWI in particular.
  • Possesses a significant military interest.
  • Is especially-representative of local or regional Navy-civilian community interest.

Accepted items are placed in the general Museum Collection under the stewardship of the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum.

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