New Museum Location


New Museum Location Plans

We are on the move!

Check out what we are planning for the new museum!

Many new changes are on the horizon, with the New Museum at Ault Field Road well underway. Plans are still evolving everyday, but we wanted to share with you some recent drawings and images on the table. 
To the left you will see a recent rendering of our latest site plan for the new museum buildings to come. What do you think? Share with us your thoughts!
Below, you will see the first concept fly-thru of the new museum and exhibition to come, as well as some images we took along the way. Stand by for more updates as we make progress on our new space! 
Public invitation to column raising ceremony at the new location of Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum construction site on Ault Field Road
Column Raising
Museum taking shape!
Building columns Sept 18
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Construction Has Begun!


For all those who were wondering when the columns would rise and construction would begin on the new museum site, let the bells ring out! Here she comes! Be sure to watch this page for regular updates, or if you live in the neighborhood, visit the site after hours (3pm) to see for yourself!

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Collections Team Meets with New Executive Director


On 11 August, new museum Executive Director Barry Meldrum, met with the collection team in the museum collections area office bay, to discuss topics related to collections care, preservation of artifacts, new museum building use, move planning and new exhibit ideas for the new museum. The plan going forward is to have more regular meetups to discuss the collection, current and future exhibits, planning for moving and ideas for the new museum.

Pictured are Barry Meldrum at the head of the table, museum Librarian Steppe Williford on the right, museum collections volunteer Bruce Roberts next, […]

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Message from the President


Shifting from the rearview mirror to the road ahead! With the vaccine rollouts, there is finally reason for optimism. A challenging year still lies ahead. It will demand of us the same adaptability, perseverance and generosity that stood us well last year.

After three months, the museum’s doors opened again on 17 February. While visitor counts are relatively low, they are increasing. And it just feels good having people in the building absorbing Naval Aviation History and learning about the role of small Pacific Northwest towns in that history. With progress being made fighting COVID 19, Washington State is moving […]

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Clayton Hively


Museum volunteer Clayton Hively catches up on some off-season maintenance on the Museum’s Nimitz-Class parade aircraft carrier. This is quite an undertaking and anyone with wood building skills is invited to join us as a volunteer to help complete the project. (Photo by George Love)

Clayton Hively2024-07-02T10:17:11-07:00

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) History




By CW4 Michael M. Alberich, US Army (Retired)

This series of articles, covering the history of the BRAC in general and BRAC as it affected selected bases and NAS Whidbey in the past, will be issued over the 2021 CAT-CHAT publications in remembrance of the 1991 round of BRAC in which NAS Whidbey was placed on the BRAC list.

The Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process had its origins in the 1960s. Understanding that the Department of Defense (DOD) had to reduce its base structure that had been created during World War […]

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President’s Corner


2020 in the rearview mirror! For most of us it is a good thing. 2020 was a tough, challenging year that brought out some of the best in people, including adaptability, generosity and perseverance.

Washington State closed museums from March through June and again from mid-November to early January 2021. A “new normal” was needed to keep the museum functioning. Even with closed doors much had to be done; correspondence kept up, exhibits maintained, research projects sustained, artifacts documented and cared for, fundraising kept up and, of course, bills paid. The way our volunteers adapted was remarkable and inspiring. The […]

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