“Spring is finally here; Winter is gone and the world begins anew…



Just as the seasons end and renew themselves, our hopes and dreams become final and we soldier on with accomplishments or new goals and dreams.

I was hoping to tell you about a land purchase for our new museum. It was a dream about to come true that would put us on track to fulfill the hopes, dreams and prayers of the founders of the PBY Memorial Foundation over twenty years ago.

As fate or luck (or finances) would have it, we were outbid on a piece of property we had our eyes on; a location that we thought would be the right size, in the right place, for the right price. The winning bidder has much deeper pockets and the property in question is close-by commercial property they already own. It works out well for them…and puts us in another search mode.

The good news is: that very same company owns other properties that might well be better for our use than the one we were bidding on (we just did not know about them.) We are on good terms with these folks and will investigate new possibilities.

Also, we’ve been advised of other land for sale in the Oak Harbor area that might also be a good fit for our needs and budget.

The old saw about one door closing and another opening appears to be happening. There are more choices now available than ever before and several property owners have even reached out to us to advise about available land.

Stay tuned. The dream will come true.

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