FLEXIBILITY: The ability to bend, flex and adapt to changing circumstances.

Since last time, we have experienced the full brunt of the COVID-19 virus, have had many job-related stresses because of it and experienced some serious problems in our inner-cities with polarizing emotions. Life, it seems, does not always give us what we hope for, but we need to be resilient enough to carry on and strive for a better tomorrow.

On that note, some good news: it looks like we finally have a well-deserved shot at acquiring acreage to build our long-awaited Museum of the Future. The Capital Improvement Plan Task Force began inquiries into some properties just after the first of the year. There are still contingencies to work out, but it is looking very good; more to come when the deal is done.

Our staff of volunteers has continued to work in many areas of the Museum despite its closure to the public. Accessioning, maintenance and the usual chores of running a business do not wait simply because no one can visit…we soldier on.

As write this in mid-June, the sun is shining on our Island, the wind is a gentle breeze and work for the day is done. We will enjoy some well-earned “people time” with family and friends. We hope you do too.

Challenges will meet us again next week, month and year, but we will be ready to meet them when the time comes.

In the meantime, we look forward to getting our special property and building the best darn Museum in the Region. Stay safe and stay well.

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