ver·​nal| \ ˈvər-nᵊ

\Definition of vernal

1: of, relating to, or occurring in the spring vernal equinox vernal sunshine

2: fresh or new like the spring also : youthful

As the song says: “It might as well be Spring”. And so it is in the Pacific Northwest.

New buds, new blossoms, new grass…and a new name for the PBY-Naval Air Museum.

For 21 years we have been the PBY Memorial Foundation and half that time we’ve had a

location called: The PBY-Naval Air Museum. Times change and so do we. Our artifacts,

exhibits and everything you can see at the Museum have expanded to include many

different types of aircraft used since World War II.

We celebrate the P-2V Neptune, the A-3 Skywarrior, the A-6EIntruder (and EA-6B

Prowler). Also, the P-3 Orion and EP-3 Aries patrol and countermeasures aircraft.

Although our genesis was from the venerable PBY Catalina, our forward-looking mission

is to celebrate all aspects of Naval Aviation that have their roots in the Pacific


Our new name is: Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum.

We are still exploring real estate properties on which to build buildings for our

growing collections of artifacts and exciting exhibit materials and a new name is

ready for a new place to call home.

Look for a new logo and corresponding name in the months to come. Our transition will

take some time as we update our shirts, caps, letterheads, business cards and so


We hope you will Spring forward with us.

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