Photo of Jim Siggens

“Resilience” and “Belief”

Well… time has passed and we still are dealing with that old enemy: COVID-19. It permeates our everyday activities whether it be work or play. Most of us now have a personal acquaintance with this plague; a friend, a relative, a neighbor or even ourselves. It truly is serious.

Our response to it really defines who we are: do we accept it, fight it or deal with it in some other manner? A plague has no conscience, no goals or feelings of any kind…We do!

Most of our friends and co-workers at the Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum have personal or family experience with our military organizations. There is something about that background that generates tenacity and a will to win. We re-opened the Museum just as soon as possible under the governor’s guidelines; we sanitize and use protective devices. We fight back with everything within our power. We have the strength to outlast it…and we will. This too shall pass…and be a memory.

Our biggest, ongoing commitment is locating a suitable and worthy property on which to build our new museum, complete with many areas to display artifacts and other treasures; an expanded Ship’s Store; storage and work areas and office space; even a covered area to showcase our beautiful PBY5a Catalina.

It has been 22 years since we got started over casual luncheons. Our belief in and commitment to achieving this goal is stronger than ever. Setbacks have occurred, but we will not be denied. We Believe…and are certain you do too.

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