As with most of the PBY-Naval Air Museum volunteers, I have several different jobs, with membership being one I handle on an almost daily basis.

All of us so appreciate our members from throughout the United States and beyond who support our mission, some who have been with us since the beginning over twenty years ago. New and renewing members also often include donations with their correspondence for which we are most grateful.

We are in the process of concluding our 2018 membership drive with new member applications still continuing to arrive.

Our latest new members are:

David Knowles, Coupeville, WA

Debby and Paul Sherman, Tulalip, WA

Mark Ilyankoff, Coupeville, WA

George and Judith Juno, Oak Harbor, WA

Billy E. Karlinsey, Coupeville, WA

A new member I was fortunate enough to meet has lately been attending our luncheons with Museum supporters, Mike and Carolyn Sherwin from Bellingham. Henry “Neil” Stamey is a WWII veteran who served twenty-eight years in the Navy. Thank you, Neil, for becoming a new Museum member at ninety-six years young!

We also have two new Life Members. Herb Jewell of Poulsbo, WA recently upgraded his membership, becoming a Life Member. Carmelita Guzman of Oak Harbor purchased a Life Membership for Josua Guzman in memory of US Navy Vietnam veteran, Juanito Guzman AMHC. The names of these and all our Life Members can be viewed on plaques near the Museum entrance.

We hope these new members, all our members, and our Cat Chat readers will be able to visit the Museum in 2019.

-Onee Hedeen

I, too, have several jobs at the Museum including serving on various committees, running the luncheon raffle, helping with mailings, etc.

Tour Coordinator is one of my favorite Museum duties. Meeting and educating visitors and helping them learn history through viewing Museum displays and artifacts is very rewarding and supports our mission.

Tour groups range from the young, such as the Cub Scouts of Pack 4099 who recently visited, to those who have lived through much of the history presented, such as the members of Chandlers Square Retirement Community of Anacortes.

Many tour visitors have fascinating stories to tell. Some of the best questions come from touring children! Occasionally I get to learn new things, too, like when Board member, Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper led a tour and related her experiences as a NASA astronaut and her twenty-eight days in space.

If you belong to a group that would be interested in visiting our Museum, please call and schedule a tour. We would like to meet all of you and share our story.

-Richard Rezabek

We are mourning the passing of longtime PBY-Naval Air Museum member, Larry Blake. We first met Larry years ago when he began volunteering at the original Museum location, and we also both served with him on the Museum Board. He enjoyed talking to veterans and others about the Museum and was willing to do any job to help out. Because Larry loved dogs, he would often come to our home to play with our Goldens and our Lab, and he would tell us stories about his years in the Navy. Rest in peace, dear friend.

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