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Letters – We get letters!


I recently read the Cat Chat Newsletter and enjoyed it as usual, especially the “Quarter in History” concerning VP-62. As a former member of VP-62, I am offering a bit of supplemental information, some of which may be of interest to some members.

I came to NAS Whidbey 2 weeks after the Japanese […]

Desk of Onee & Richard

Thank you to our faithful Museum donors and members who have supported us throughout the year. And welcome to our newest members: from Washington, Valerie Garstin and Yara Heinks, and from Oregon, Julie Havelka. Also, from Oregon, aviation enthusiast, CDR Philip R. Rossi, SC, USN (Ret) who joined as a Life member.

With […]

Chairman’s Report

“Resilience” and “Belief”

Well… time has passed and we still are dealing with that old enemy: COVID-19. It permeates our everyday activities whether it be work or play. Most of us now have a personal acquaintance with this plague; a friend, a relative, a neighbor or even ourselves. It truly is serious.

Our response to it really defines who we […]

This Quarter In History

By Michael Alberich, CW4 US Army (ret)

WWII (era)

 25 Nov 1943: VP-62 departed NAS Whidbey Island Wash., for Dutch Harbor, Aleutians, headquarters of FAW-4, arriving on 30 November. The squadron received its assignment and departed for NS Adak, Alaska, the next day.

(Source: Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons Vol 2)

10 Dec 1943: VP-62 […]

Mid Year Campaign

WOW! What a response from you, our supporters. In just over a week, you delivered nearly $12,000 and propelled the donation plane through $55,000. Most important, we blew by the $15,000 match by nearly $5000.

With the $15,000 match, the total for the appeal will be just over $70,000 – right in the middle of our target range. If […]

Papa Seagull Waits Patiently

Papa Seagull “Felix” sits atop a nest with three eggs waiting for hatchlings in the Aircraft Display Area.  Seagulls are known to pair for life and are productive breeders with the mating season traditionally beginning in early February resulting in the breeding season starting from May to the end of July – […]

Returned Mail

Museum volunteer Don Growe sorts through the myriad of returned letters from a previous out mailing. For us to keep in touch with you to bring you the latest news, having your correct address on file is essential. If you’d like to bring us up to date, just email or send […]

Museum Library

Always the faithful volunteer, Navy Hodges manages the museum research library located across the street from the facility. For a truly historical exploration of vintage books, magazines and news items, contact her for an appointment at (360) 240-9500.

Scholarship Recipient

Cheyanne Winchester of Oak Harbor is the 2020 Eileen Brown Scholarship award winner. Winchester originally hails from Pasco, WA and has lived on Whidbey Island since the 5th grade. She is planning a double major at Western Washington University in Bellingham in Music Performance (Bachelors) and Music Education (Masters) with the goal […]

Donate your vintage artifacts

Museum volunteer and Collections Manager John Hughes examines a vintage ship’s chronometer donated to the Museum’s compilation of historical items. You can make routine donations during the Museum’s normal operating hours or, for special appointments, call (360) 240-9500.

Chairman’s Corner

FLEXIBILITY: The ability to bend, flex and adapt to changing circumstances.

Since last time, we have experienced the full brunt of the COVID-19 virus, have had many job-related stresses because of it and experienced some serious problems in our inner-cities with polarizing emotions. Life, it seems, does not always give us what we hope for, but we need to […]


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