Our bid for land north of Oak Harbor was unsuccessful. However, the Capital Improvement Task Force (CITF) still has other properties under review. The 3rd Annual Celebration of Flight Dinner and Auction was very successful. Cat Chat is going digital. In July, the annual mid-year fund raising drive gets underway.

As last quarter’s Cat Chat went to press, the CITF was submitting a bid on land for a new museum site. This land had been under review but came to market on short notice. Although we obtained a bank prequalification letter and submitted a bid above the City of Oak Harbor’s asking price, the only other bid was nearly 50% greater than ours and more than twice the appraised value. We simply did not think the land to be worth that much.

So, it is back to work for the CITF. They still have 6 properties under review. Several are in Oak Harbor. They have the advantage of city services but are also more expensive than property in unincorporated areas. While the CITF and Board of Trustees are anxious to find a new museum site, they are moving prudently, with due care to ensure that a land purchase leaves us in a strong position to obtain construction funding. We will keep you posted.

Our major yearly fund raising event, the Celebration of Flight Dinner and Auction, raised over $43,000 – a little better than 2018. Special thanks to Oak Harbor mayor, Bob Severns and local attorney, Chris Skinner who did a great job as Emcee and Auctioneer respectively. Mark your May 2020 calendars for next year’s dinner and auction.

As noted in another article, we are working to reduce costs and streamline delivery of Cat Chat newsletters by moving to a digital format. Please take advantage of this efficient form of delivery.

Early July kicks off the annual Mid-year Fund Raising Drive. Tentatively, a significant matching funds pledge is in the works for this year’s drive. Watch your mail – both snail and electronic – for more details very soon.

Thank you all for your continuing support. Cheers!

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