Steve Diklich

Steve Diklich, hailing from the greater Portland area, is our volunteer in the spotlight this quarter. Diklich spent his entire career in credit union management in the Seattle area and works in the Accessions department of the Museum. He came to the Museum at the urging of Wil Shellenberger, Museum President, who lives in the same neighborhood.

“Be it newspapers, books or battle plans (from WWII), I see a lot of fascinating artifacts come through here and I want to stay in this department,” Diklich stated. He says the most interesting item he has seen so far are the WWII D-day invasion plans. “I didn’t know what I was looking at but, the more I learned, the more interesting they became,” he said.

“I see the Museum in an upward trajectory, looking forward to potentially new facilities and preserving the naval aviation history of Whidbey Island,” he stated.

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